On training to run 30 miles

When I first came up with the idea to run 30 miles on my birthday I only shared it with Tommy. I knew once I told everyone I couldn’t back down. Now the word is out and training has started.

I googled a lot about training to run a 50k (which is a little over 30 miles) and ended up making up my own training schedule that works for me. Most of the websites said running 30 miles is a really bad idea but with the help of my friends its going to be really fun.

Tommy is in the process of training for a half ironman at the beginning of June, so we do our best to coordinate schedules. He is up early swimming with a masters team 3 days a week. He’s crampin my style but I’m proud of him so I’ll let it slide…


Too bad Ruby can’t babysit.


I’m lucky enough to have a friend who will run with me during the longish runs (Wednesdays) and the really long runs (Saturdays).

longish run= 6-8 miles

really long run=12-24 miles

The world’s greatest running buddy, Annie. I make her wake up at ridiculous hours to cram in our runs before school and other commitments. “Sorry Annie, in order to run 14 miles before 7:00 am we will need to start at 4:30 am on Saturday.” She never tells me no…



I also run about 6 miles on Sundays, which is new to my routine. This part is really kicking my butt. The three of us have been doing these together which makes it better.


The rest of the week I run and sleep in ride my bike in the basement when I can. I’m a terrible cross trainer, something I want to improve on these next few months. 


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