Pits Stops

Now that I’m finished with my master classes and my book club book for tonight I have plenty of time to blog!

On Saturday the training plan called for 20 miles. We were meeting a group of people downtown to walk in the American Heart Association’s heart walk in honor of Sarah’s sister, Courtney.


Annie made a route from my house to Bush Stadium. We ended up running 20.75 miles. I think we should have kept going to make it 21.

Long runs call for frequent pit stops. Over the course of our time running together Annie and I have decided that McDonalds are the best places for a pit stops, for many reasons.

1. They are open at 5:00 am when other restaurants, gas stations and schools are still closed.

2. They have cold water.

3. Bathrooms are sometimes clean.

4. Play Place entertainment.



But really, they are the best. The shady gas station on Lindell was a little less impressive. Annie is a brave, brave soul.