National Running Day

Apparently today is national running day. I’m more excited about national donut day on Friday. Hopefully Schnucks is well stocked with vanilla long johns.

I kicked off this “holiday” with an almost eight mile run in the rain. It started as a sprinkle and ending with a torrential downpour, thunder and lighting! 

Training is still going fine. Annie and I have had a hard time getting over the 20 mile hump but I’m confident that we will get there.

Yesterday was a quick run. We had C motivating us along the way with lots of screams. I feel like she looks like a little cartoon character here??? 



We have been traveling a lot but were able to get in a a nice run in the mountains with our friend Katie, she’s fast.



Tomorrow I will venture to a weight class at the Y with my mother in law. I might not be able to move for a week. Say a prayer for me?


My Relationship with Strength Training

I admit. I love to run, I hate to do everything else as far as exercising. This video is the perfect visual that represents my relationship with strength training. I feel her pain.

WARNING: This F-bomb is dropped in this video.

Pits Stops

Now that I’m finished with my master classes and my book club book for tonight I have plenty of time to blog!

On Saturday the training plan called for 20 miles. We were meeting a group of people downtown to walk in the American Heart Association’s heart walk in honor of Sarah’s sister, Courtney.


Annie made a route from my house to Bush Stadium. We ended up running 20.75 miles. I think we should have kept going to make it 21.

Long runs call for frequent pit stops. Over the course of our time running together Annie and I have decided that McDonalds are the best places for a pit stops, for many reasons.

1. They are open at 5:00 am when other restaurants, gas stations and schools are still closed.

2. They have cold water.

3. Bathrooms are sometimes clean.

4. Play Place entertainment.



But really, they are the best. The shady gas station on Lindell was a little less impressive. Annie is a brave, brave soul.

Easter weekend

This weekend started with a Good Friday 16 mile run. I’m loving that it gets lighter earlier so I don’t have to wear my nerdy light quite as often. It was perfect running weather.


Friday night we headed to “The Farm” which meant lots of time in the sunshine & playing with rocks.


Tommy and I ran 2 loops around the lake on Saturday. Each lap is a hilly 3 miles.


Tommy insisted on running UP suicide hill.


We ran into these 4 on the way home and Tommy took Ruby out for a third loop…overachiever.


The rest of the weekend included lots of Easter fun…..


and new running shoes!



On training to run 30 miles

When I first came up with the idea to run 30 miles on my birthday I only shared it with Tommy. I knew once I told everyone I couldn’t back down. Now the word is out and training has started.

I googled a lot about training to run a 50k (which is a little over 30 miles) and ended up making up my own training schedule that works for me. Most of the websites said running 30 miles is a really bad idea but with the help of my friends its going to be really fun.

Tommy is in the process of training for a half ironman at the beginning of June, so we do our best to coordinate schedules. He is up early swimming with a masters team 3 days a week. He’s crampin my style but I’m proud of him so I’ll let it slide…


Too bad Ruby can’t babysit.


I’m lucky enough to have a friend who will run with me during the longish runs (Wednesdays) and the really long runs (Saturdays).

longish run= 6-8 miles

really long run=12-24 miles

The world’s greatest running buddy, Annie. I make her wake up at ridiculous hours to cram in our runs before school and other commitments. “Sorry Annie, in order to run 14 miles before 7:00 am we will need to start at 4:30 am on Saturday.” She never tells me no…



I also run about 6 miles on Sundays, which is new to my routine. This part is really kicking my butt. The three of us have been doing these together which makes it better.


The rest of the week I run and sleep in ride my bike in the basement when I can. I’m a terrible cross trainer, something I want to improve on these next few months. 

Why Fueled by Love?

Where did the name Fueled by Love come from? 

1) Picking a name that is not already taken is quite the challenge.

2) In college Xanga was cool. I made a website but I think I wrote on it twice. My name? mynamespelledbackwardsishannah. Clever, right? Tommy said I shouldn’t use that again. Darn.

3) I have been running since 2008, I think? It has been a love hate relationship. This summer I began training for my 2nd marathon, in honor of my brother in law Teddy (more on him later). This was the first time I could say I truly loved running….Fueled by my love for Tedd.



4) I keep running because of the people who encourage me, cheer for me and love me.





First Post

My first post…I feel like I should write something really profound and funny….

I’m training to run 30 miles. On July 12th I turn 30. I realized my 30th birthday will probably be a lot like New Years Eve. A lot of hype for nothin. So why not run 30 miles for 30 years? I’m hoping this blog will help me document my training and hold me accountable to this goal that is going to kick my butt.